Why Rent

Use our money to grow...


What are your objectives?

  • Are you planning to purchase new equipment?
  • Are you looking to conserve capital?
  • Are you looking at an Asset Lite Balance sheet?
  • Are you looking for hedging technology obsolescence?
  • Has disposing off used equipment been a challenge?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions then, renting should be an option to consider.


    • Economical and more efficient way of paying for equipment that depreciates in value and blocks capital
    • Single window solution for multiple equipment class such as IT, Furniture, Fit Outs, Office equipment etc.
    • Flexible End of term Options – return, re-rent, upgrade some or all Equipment
    • Flexibility to choose the make, configuration and purchase price.
    • Enable Technology refresh through pre-defined end of life strategy
      • Hedge against technology obsolescence
      • Implement a refresh methodology that becomes part of the overall business strategy
    • Eliminate asset disposition concerns and cost
      • Implement a secure and environmentally friendly disposal without the hassles
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
    • Enable better planning
      • Make predictable payments instead of a large upfront cash purchase and have better financial planning.
      • Transition from existing equipment, acquire new technology, manage that technology then retire it cost effectively
    • Spread costs over the rent term with better ROI
      • Lower Total Cost of Ownership over the useful life of the solution
      • Improves efficiency ratios